Remembering the Past by Zach Zins

By Nikki Romani | May 1, 2019
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Finding Space to Belong by Brittany Panus

By Nikki Romani | Apr 9, 2019

I left for my journey on the World Race in September of 2015 with the best squad ever, X-Squad (3rd Gen). I could be biased, but I will say that I love them all with everything in me. Shout out to a gracious God for bringing such an amazing group of humans together. My experience…

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Praying to See Buffalo

By Nikki Romani | Apr 2, 2019

I have been learning to pray specific prayers. Not just prayers consisting of “God, I pray today is a good day.” But praying for what would make it a “good day.” Is it the sunny clear skies, not too hot? Is it praying for no injuries on a hiking trail? Is it praying your water…

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The Unexpected Return

By Nikki Romani | Mar 26, 2019

Guest Blogger (this blogger can’t disclose her name because she lives in a closed country, but is a World Race Alum) I will trust in the Lord with all my heart. I will not lean on my own understanding. In all my ways I will acknowledge Him and I know He will make my path straight.…

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Victoria’s Re-Entry Story: When I Tried to Find My Own Path

By Victoria Maynez | Mar 19, 2019

I remember when I returned from the World Race. It had been a year away from family and friends. I was excited to share all about what God had done and how He changed me. I was ready to eat up all the food I had been missing. I was eager to figure out what…

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5 Questions that Will Help You Move Forward in Any Transition

By Nikki Romani | Mar 12, 2019

I went on an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries. When I made my return back to the states I experienced a transition. I was transitioning from being in 3rd world countries for almost a year and was changed spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, to a first world country where not much had changed…

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Update: Where We Are Headed

By Nikki Romani | Mar 5, 2019

Change can be a hard, but good. It’s a time of transformation, metamorphosis, becoming different than you were before. Change can risky. Failures can occur, but you will never grow or become a better version of yourself if you don’t allow for change to take place.   Change is happening here at M2B Ministries. It…

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5 Ways to Communicate When You’re Discouraged

By Victoria Maynez | Feb 26, 2019

After returning from a life changing experience we may be so excited to face the world with a new perspective. You would think we would be ready to make a difference in our hometown and figure out the next chapter of life. And while some do feel this way, often times others are left feeling…

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The Importance of Boundaries

By Betsy Ramser Jaime | Feb 19, 2019

Are you a people pleaser? I think we all are, to some degree, especially women. We learn from an early age that when we say yes or meet a request, it keeps the peace and we make others happy. In general, this isn’t a bad thing. However, many of us live this to the extreme,…

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