#020: Interview with Parent of a Missionary – Tami Romani

Nikki has the privelege of sitting down with her mom and asking her questions about what it was like for her as a parent with a missionary child coming home. We at M2B realize re-entry not only involves the missionary but their parents, family, friends, and supportive team. We want to be a resource for…

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5 Steps to Emotional Healing with God

We are all broken no matter the fame or money we have. If we look at the news and the amount of suicides it heartbreaking to learn people like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, are just as broken as our neighbor. We put stock in people like Beth Moore or Tim Keller but we fail…

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Friends and Family of Missionaries, this one is for you.

You may have all the feels going on with the anticipation of your missionary returning home.  Will they be different? Will we be able to have the same relationship we once had before? Let me answers these questions for you being someone who has been on the World Race with family and friends of my…

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