If we are called to help them go, we are called to help them return.

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Since Jesus gave us the Great Commission, His command to “go” has echoed throughout the Christian faith for centuries.

Today, there are those who eagerly answer the call by sacrificing their lives to serve on the mission field for a season.
But what happens when it’s time to shift gears from “go” to “go back?”
Who is there when missionaries need help during their difficult time of transition?

Unlike when they are sent, missionaries don’t have many options after they come home. M2B Ministries steps into the gap between moving back and moving forward with vital resources to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of returning missionaries. From missions to beyond, we help prepare missionaries for a bright future after the field. Our compassionate community provides the care they need as they seek to discover all God has meant to be in their lives.

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