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The World Race

2013 was the year that I went on the World Race. Going into the race, I was not your ‘typical racer.’ I had never been on a missions trip or traveled to a third world country. In short, I had no idea what to expect. Looking back, I’m sure that was one of the key reasons why I loved my race experience so much. During the race, I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, living in community with a wide variety of people, and learning to be flexible.


Kenya Photo Via: Amanda Bennes


Coming home from the race was not necessarily as easy as I had expected. Similar to the post Nikki shared last week, if you returned from the race around the holiday season, you probably experienced a whole host of emotions. There were probably some highs but also at least a few lows…and perhaps a slew of questions from well meaning friends or family members that you struggled to put words to.

Needless to say, I found re-entry to be hard, much more so than I had anticipated. And I share that not so we can all complain or commiserate about the horrors of re-entry…rather, I hope we can use our shared experiences to help others thrive.


So, how did I end up at M2B? Well, I guess there are two components. First, if you’ve been on the World Race, you probably had Coaches…and in fact, Bruce (the Founder of M2B) and his wife Cinda, were actually my coaches! After the race, we continued to stay in touch and I guess you could say the rest is history.

The second piece is experience. As I mentioned, I honestly never expected to struggle with re-entry but I did…immensely. I know that each person has a unique experience coming home. Some people have a clear vision of their next steps and move seamlessly to their next season of life. However, I really struggled and through that struggle I found a profound heart and empathy for others who were also struggling.

My hope is that M2B can continue to be a hub and community for former World Racers and short-term missionaries. Where we can support and encourage each other and also learn what it means to thrive post World Race.

Photo Via: Fretah Ghebreselassie

Photo Via: Alex Fields



While the World Race may be ONE of the best experiences you’ll ever have…don’t let it be THE best experience you’ll ever have. Allow yourself to process what you’ve learned on the race and use that to propel you forward. While it may not look like living out of a suitcase, we all have so much to look forward to.

As I’m writing this, it’s been 4 years since I returned from the race. I can say that I’ve really found my place, finally! In addition to my work with M2B, I’m also an Entrepreneurship Writer for a Microfinance organization, a Business English Instructor, and I blog weekly at

After the Race, my husband decided to go back to school for Electrical Engineering. So we are now living life in the heart of Gator Nation in Gainesville, Florida. If you curious to know a little more about me…My all-time favorite hobby is reading. Hence, if you ever need a book recommendation, I’m your girl. I also end my workday with a 1 hour walk outdoors because I love spending time outside. I’m also slowly learning Mandarin 很高兴见到你 which I awkwardly practice while I’m walking.

My husband, Josh!

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