Make a difference after the World Race by participating in a mentorship relationship

There is always something powerful about connecting with a World Racer who has shared in your experience. A genuine and automatic click tends to happen which often brings forth life. We believe in harnessing this unique connection to help returning missionaries especially World Racers.


Navigator mentorship is a mentorship opportunity for returning World Racers. M2B has a staff of Captains that connect each World Racer fresh off the field to an alumni World Racer, called a Navigator, in their returning or current city. The mentorship between the racer and Navigator will consist of:


  • A curriculum-guided 6 month mentorship
  • Leading, helping and supporting each racer in re-entry
  • In-person meetings, twice a month with the Navigator
  • Support with any resources needed in re-entry
  • Captain support and accountability to each Navigator connected to a racer

Each mentorship connection is established once the racer returns to their city. Our hope is that this relationship will provide the support to encourage and empower each returning missionary to become all they are meant to be in God’s Kingdom.

Are you an alumni World Racer and want to mentor someone who is returning?  
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Have you just returned home and would like to be connected to an alumni to be mentored?
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