Navigator Spotlight: Kristin

Kristin is apart of Navigator Mentorship which supplies mentors to World Racers on the field and into re-entry. She has been mentoring girls for 6 months now. Not only does she have a passion for mentoring but owns a lovely diner in Ohio called Kleifeld’s. Here are some words from her about how God has been moving through these relationships!


I stepped off my last flight of the World Race and had no idea what awaited me. Re-entry has unique challenges for each and every returning missionary. Mine was about to wreck me with a season of grief that I never could have been prepared for. If I am being honest, I am still healing from the events that took place and always will be in some capacity. God broke me and tested me when I came home, when I parted ways with the community that I spent the last eleven months with.

I truly lost my identity and spent the next couple years going through the stages of grief while rebuilding myself mentally and emotionally, physically and of course spiritually. It was dark and very lonely. Some days I wanted to

rewind to the race when things were still normal, although challenging. In these moments, I made the conscious decision to trust God and believe that He brought me here for a purpose.

I slowly pieced myself together and through a series of the most random, divine appointments, I bought and now own a 90-year-old diner. I am grateful day after day I choose Christ in my darkest moments. I would never be able to run a business as a young, female entrepreneur without His grace.

God used my tragic homecoming to forge a passion for missionary care into my heart. 

I had a deep desire to connect with returning missionaries, hopeful their experience would be different than mine but wanting the opportunity to sow into them either way. This is when I heard about M2B ministries. I immediately signed up and before I knew it was paired up with some incredible women on the field. My current role with M2B is to pray, encourage and guide these women on the field as a World Race alumni.

The funny thing about doing ministry is it always turns out to be such a mutually uplifting blessing. Like always, God had way more planned than I was aware of. One morning I am reading an email from Kristie, who is in Africa at the time, and she is bursting with excitement about a coffee shop, ministry and building a community through entrepreneurship. Holy redemption! What a long and twisted road that launched me into running a business, and here I was connecting with a bright, young female about so much more than encouragement and prayer. Kristie is such a light and has dug so deeply into her teams and the work brought before her every month as well as constantly realizing her true purpose Over an over confirming that her big God dreams and visions can happen.

I don’t know what will come of all this. My plans got wrecked to get me where I am now and the same could be true for Kristie’s Jesus loving coffee shop. But how glorifying of our Father in heaven, to continue to use relationships that we create as missionaries. Imagine what could be done if we as missionaries also continued to build and network from all over the world for the body of Christ! I look back on my experience and I am in awe of God through my deepest valleys. I believe if we say yes to partnering with future generations of missionaries through M2B, that God will use each and every one of our stories to reach the tops of mountains. Then we would glorify our Creator in these high places, not as individuals, but as a united body of brothers and sisters in Christ.

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