Only a Phone Call Away

We are only several months into our beta launch, and we’ve already heard some encouraging stories of how God is using our Navigators to make a difference in the lives of Racers. Here’s one story of hope from our Alumni Navigator Captain, Nikki Romani:

“I called one of our Navigators to see if she had contacted a certain Racer. She said that she did not have the Racer’s phone number, so I quickly gave it to her. The Navigator called the Racer right away and she answered with a quiver in her voice. The Racer explained that she was at the airport waiting to depart for the Race but she was fighting the urge to change her mind. Doubt and fear had gotten the best of her and she was thinking about turning around and going back home.”

Breathing a prayer, the Navigator silently asked the Lord for the right words to comfort her. They talked and prayed and soon, peace returned and the Racer ended up boarding the plane with renewed faith.

Later, the Racer said, “The call from my Navigator was a gamer-changer. It gave me the courage that I needed to board that flight and step out in faith.”

Today, we’re happy to report today this Racer is doing great and truly thriving on the field. And we praise God for this phone call that was meant to be! Please pray for all our Navigators as they seek wisdom for this life-giving work.


  1. Dana on March 23, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    What a powerful testimony Bruce. Thank you for sharing and thank you for allowing the Lord to continue to use you and your team to impact lives for Him.

  2. Tim Pike on June 25, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Awesome! May God add to the testimonies!!!

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