#034: Behind the Scenes to Event Planning

Host: Nikki Romani and Betsy Ramser Jaime

What will happen at this event and who is attending? 

  • Recognize and appreciate our advocates
  • Our partner organizations Adventures + G42
  • Share our vision for where we’re heading

What does M2B hope to get out of it? 

  • Build and grow relationships
  • Bring awareness to our mission and vision
  • Partnerships with people who catch the vision and have a similar passion

How can our podcast listeners become advocates for M2B? 

Nikki shares behind the scenes that go into planning a dinner like this

  • Once we set the vision and goal for the dinner we create a guest list
    • Who would benefit from attending?
    • Always invite 2-3x the amount of people you want to attend
  • Find a venue
    • Many phone calls and emails
  • Once venue is secured, send out invitations
  • Create schedule for day of
  • If people are speaking, let them know what they should talk about/give guidelines.

What have you learned? 

  • Communication
  • Follow up
  • Things take longer than you expect, so give yourself a buffer or recruit people to help (making invitations…)
  • Ask for help!

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#033: The Pursuit of Community with Glenalyn Hunt

We all want community, but often struggle to find it. In today’s episode Betsy interviews one of her Navigator’s Glenalyn Hunt about her career path and journey, her transitions after the World Race, and the payoff of finding a strong community. If you feel like you’re working hard but aren’t seeing the fruit yet in your career or in finding community then stay tuned, Glenalyn has so many helpful insights to share!


Host: Betsy Ramser Jaime

Key Points from my conversation with Glenalyn:

  • Be flexible
  • “We’re just people born to be loved and to love others”
  • “There’s more than one way to change the world

Advice for those considering Corporate America:

  • Keep your eyes open
  • Have an open mind


  • Be willing to look in unexpected places
  • It takes hard work and pursuing
  • Glenalyn’s monthly brunch club
  • Take the risk to go for it, if something’s not there, you can start something and invite people into it.

“Your dream is beautiful but it’s probably going to take you 2-3 times as the longest you think it will take you”
“I never feel like I’m wasting my time when it comes to loving people”
Advice for Newly Returned Racers + Short-Term Missionaries:

  1. Take a Rest
  2. It’s ok to get professional help (episode with Noe Rivera)
  3. Just Try Something: It’s easier to steer a moving car

Tolerating people Vs. Loving people
1. How do you radically love those around you?
2. How can I choose love and reconciliation even if it doesn’t come naturally?

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#032: Finishing Strong

How did you feel on January 1st? Did you start the year with big goals and dreams but have felt them slip away throughout the year. Betsy and Nikki talk about staying strong the last couple of months of the year. What if instead of down sliding into the new year, we ramped up! What if we created a launching pad to set ourselves up for success for the new year. Betsy and Nikki will share with you how to do just that!


Host: Nikki Romani and Betsy Ramser Jaime

Treating the last 90 days like the first 30/90 days: 

  • “What if instead of a downslide in 2019, you are ramping up!” – Rachel Hollis 
  • Create a launching pad for yourself. Set yourself up for success in the new year

Go Back To Your Goals: 

  • Remind yourself of your goals for the year
  • Why did you set those goals?
  • Why were achieving those goals so important to you?
  • Iterate or make changes if necessary
  • If the word “goals” is overwhelming, you can set yourself up to accomplish fears

Setting Yourself Up Well Before the Holiday’s: 

  • Set realistic expectations
    • Don’t set yourself up to fail
  • Re-inforce the 80/20 rule: you can enjoy yourself and still hold true to your goals
  • Define what success would look like for you
  • Go into the holiday parties with a plan

Track Your Progress:

  • Whether it’s on a piece of paper, your phone or a spreadsheet, track the little daily progress that you are making
  • When you start in October or November it takes off a lot of the pressure to do it perfectly on January 1
  • Celebrate the victories by doing something you enjoy. Getting a pedicure, heading to the beach to catch the sunset, set up a phone call with a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.

Find Accountability: 

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Coach (What is a life coach? Click here to learn more )
  • Text, email, phone call, find what works for you
  • Daily, weekly, etc.

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#031: Living on Purpose with Jeremy Cearbaugh

We are all living on the mission field, whether you are in another country or in the United States. Wherever you are presently is your mission field. In today’s episode, Nikki interviews her former mentor while she was on the mission field, Jeremy Cearbaugh. Jeremy currently works for Adventures in Missions and is a mentor for squads out on the mission field all of the world. They talk about living a missional life, what it means to be a leader, the process of re-entry, and the importance of community during re-entry. Jeremy shares his wisdom so listen up!


Host: Nikki Romani

Interview with Jeremy Cearbaugh

Jeremy is a Squad Mentor at Adventures in Missions for the World Race. He mentors, leads, and empowers people on squads of 30+ people at a time while they are traveling to 11 different countries. (worldrace.org)

Take Aways:

  • “Life is too short not to listen to God and do what he speaks.”
  • “What does it mean to live a life on purpose?”
  • “Fundraising should not be the only reason to not do what God has called you to do.”
    • Book about fundraising and getting donors The God Ask
  • “Purpose. I have a job where I actually get to change parts of the world.”
  • “Missions is often a narrow term. I’m convinced we are all missionaries.”
  • “Don’t just go on missions. Live missional. My hope is everyone feels some version of purpose.”

What does it mean to be a leader?

  • Is everyone a leader?
    • Everyone has the opportunity to lead
    • You will not be a great leader until you can lead yourself.
  • Sometimes we want the title more than having the responsibility of being a leader
  • Life hack in leadership: Empowerment!

Advice for Transition (Re-entry):

  • Find community and actually live life and have experiences and go on adventures together. Shared memories make lasting relationships

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#030: Don’t Stop on 6

Are you ready to give up? Or, do you feel like you’re working as hard as you can, but just aren’t making any progress? If you can relate, then this is the episode for you. In today’s episode, Betsy will be talking about one of her all time favorite sermons by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church called…Don’t stop on 6.


Host: Betsy Ramser Jaime

Check out Elevation Church at: Elevation Church.org

Verses Mentioned: Joshua 6

Pastor Steven’s Books:


3 Things that Cause God’s people to fall Short:

  • Your perspective gets blocked
    • What do you do when what you see, doesn’t look anything like what God has said?
  • Your progress isn’t always obvious
    • What do you do when God is speaking things over your life that are not materializing?Just because your progress isn’t obvious, it doesn’t mean your faith isn’t working.
  • The process is open ended
    • Less focused on the outcome and more focused on obedience.
    • You might be on 6 and not even know it!
    • It is in the circling that he prepares us for the promise.

Pastor Steven Quotes Mentioned:

“You are closer than you think you are to what God has promised you.”

“It used to impress me when someone started something but now what impresses me is when someone has the fortitude to finish it.”

“Act like every lap is your last and one day you’ll be right.”


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Don't Stop on 6

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