The motivation for M2B


Last week, I had the privilege to sit on the parent panel at the World Race launch event at the Airport Hilton. As I heard the questions of anxious parents and watched the tearful farewells, a host of emotions came rushing back to me. I remembered the challenges that my daughter, Taryn, and the other racers that I coached faced when they returned home.

Every organization that sends out missionaries struggles with how to properly care for those missionaries when they return. When my daughter and our O squad 2013 came home, I saw how difficult re-entry was for them as they wrestled with the lack of community and direction. And I witnessed first-hand the trauma and stress that they encountered after eleven consecutive cross-cultural experiences with limited time to process what they were experiencing.

This is why I left my job after eight years with the National Christian Foundation to start this ministry. We launched M2B Ministries three months ago to provide aftercare, peer coaching with a member of the World Race alumni community, and support to help racers continue the discipleship journey in the model Jesus gave us. I have been so encouraged by the desire of WR alumni to invest in returning racers so that their re-entry experience can be better managed.

If you’re a parent of a World Racer and would like more information on how M2B can support your child, please don’t hesitate to connect with me at [email protected]

And if you’re part of the World Race alumni community and would like to know more, please visit us at and consider becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister through the Re-entry Mentoring program.

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