It’s me, Victoria, you can call me V!

My World Race Team!

If you asked me in college if I could have imagined the life I currently live, I would have told you no. I never wanted to work for a non profit. I never wanted to move to Atlanta, Georgia. I also said I would never become a therapist. I could not have imagined that by age 29 I have been to 15 different countries. Yet, eight years ago I said yes to a journey on the World Race that would change my outlook on life, my identity in Christ and my career path. I often think what if I never said yes to God’s calling and then proceed to shutter at the thought. I am incredibly grateful for my experiences, both good and bad, that have brought me to M2B.

I grew up in the medium sized city of Fresno, CA. I will always pledge my allegiance as a California girl even though Fresno is 3 hours from the beach and we aren’t your typical liberal city. I grew up in a conservative town, that most people don’t leave, and is filled with churches. I was highly involved in my church and worked there through college. They will always have a part of my heart due to the very Biblical foundation I gained from being there and the community I formed. However, I always knew there was something missing in my relationship with Christ. It wasn’t until the World Race that I began to experience an intimacy with the Lord unlike anything I was ever taught.

My dog Nova and I!

On the World Race, I started a journey with complete strangers who became like family to me. They called me into my true identity in Christ, through the good and the bad, and helped me discover my gift of discernment. I finally removed God from the box He was in when I experienced the power and mystery of His ways. I gained an incredible heart and passion for seeing people walk in who they truly are. I went deeper into an intimate relationship with Christ to hear His voice so clearly at times. I experienced such a shift in who I was but soon had to leave that whole experience behind.

Sometimes I tell people I still feel like I’m in the re-entry period and I came home eight years ago! I remember coming home to live with my parents, again, with no money and no direction for life. As someone who needs to know plans and have a vision, it felt really empty. I slowly had to introduce other people to the new me while everyone was expecting the same Victoria. It truly was a challenge that I had never expected. After trial and error in other opportunities, I finally got accepted to a counseling grad school in Atlanta. After having traveled the world it didn’t seem too daunting, how different could the South be anyways? Little did I know I would experience an even bigger transition into a culture that sometimes feels foreign, but a path that I know God has carried me through every step of the way.


My sisters and I adventuring like always!

One afternoon I received an email that said “I think Victoria would be perfect for what you are looking for!” I had no idea how much my heart would beat for this opportunity when I read that email. I had finished grad school after 4 long years and was trying to figure out the next step, AGAIN! It turns out I was being connected to M2B to help other people walk through re-entry which had always been on mind. I have a passion to lead and mentor others to experience true healing and walk fully in their identity in Christ and I get to do that at M2B! It’s funny how the Lord works sometimes. I’ve done things in the past few years I would have never chosen for myself, but yet each time they seem to fit me perfectly.

Like me, many come home from a trip so changed yet so lost in how to implement that back into life. Transitions, change and re-entry are always apart of our lives, but it’s who we walk with and how we navigate them that truly make a difference. I am honored to be apart of the M2B team and know that God has big things in store!

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