Welcome to M2B v. 2.0!

The vision for M2B began in 2014 as a staffing company to help World Racers transition to life back home through paid apprenticeship opportunities. Since that time, we’ve learned that there’s more to transitioning from the field than simply offering a job: there’s an aftercare and mentoring component that’s essential to a successful transition and that’s what the new M2B is all about.

At its core, M2B provides peer-to-peer connections of returning racers with World Race alumni who have weathered the re-entry process. We began our first mentoring trial in July and already we are seeing life-changing results with ten returning racers from one squad being paired with six alumni of The World Race.

It’s important to note that World Race and Gap Year participants must opt-in to the mentoring program. A re-entry mentor is assigned by request only. M2B recruits WR alumni who have successfully worked through at least one year of transition by working with prior Coaches and WR staff who can confirm their commitment and qualification.

But M2B doesn’t stop at the peer-to-peer connection. We care for returning racers by connecting them to healthy communities where discipleship is intentional. M2B will also network racers with financial planners, career counseling, and meaningful job opportunities – Mission to Business – that enable them to become self-sufficient.

Ultimately, M2B is about helping returning missionaries become all they were Meant to Be in God’s Kingdom. M2B wants to leverage the life experience gained on The World Race for His glory! We look forward to being part of your journey.

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  1. Shrena on December 23, 2016 at 7:15 am

    This is my specific calling! I need more information! Wow!

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