#004: What is Life Coaching?

In this episode, Nikki answers the questions, "What is life coaching?" Nikki is a certified life coach and she shares her journey with you of how she became a life coach, the difference between life coaching and counseling, lays out what it looks like to have a coaching session, and helps to determine if YOU need a life coach.

Host: Nikki Romani

This is episode 4 of The Great Return podcast. Today I, Nikki Romani, will be your host. When I share with people I am a certified life coach many respond with a smile and a nod and say, “Oh that’s so great!” and then their voice because hush and they ask, “What is a life coach?” This has happened countless times, so today I will be answering this question for you. I will also share my strategies in coaching and what it looks like to have a coaching session with me.


First let’s define what life coaching is and includes:

  • dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing growth
  • building the vision and plan to tackle a life’s dream and goal.
  • aligning a person's’ potential with performance
  • A coach sets targets or a plan for each session and may set you additional challenges
  • A coach asks questions to get the client to come up with the answers themselves, because as a client deep down you know what you want, but you may need the correct prompting and guidance to find the answer.

Coaching is not:

  • dealing with any past emotional trauma or turmoil that is preventing the participant from moving forward
  • Counseling or therapy
    • With that many people ask what the difference in coaching and counseling is and I explain it as this: coaching is helping people establish goals and a path to get there while counseling is dealing with past hurts, and pain and walking through that. Victoria explains more about counseling in episode 005.

I share my story of how I heard about life coaching and my journey of becoming one. And what I do now as a coach.

I share what it looks like to have a coaching session with me.

How do you know if you need a coach: ask yourself these questions-

  • Do I feel stuck where I am and I don’t know how to get out?
  • Am I moving to a new city and feel lost and unprepared?
  • Do I feel my life has no direction and I don’t know which steps to take?
  • I hear people talk about goals but I don’t know how to set them for myself. It sounds overwhelming so I don’t make goals.

As the coaching enthusiastic with M2B, I want to share what the coaching aspect will look like moving forward in this space. I am creating a network of coaches throughout the US. I want M2B to be the place you can go to find a coach if you think this is right for you. A coach is a great idea if you resonated with anything I mentioned or need someone like a mentor. M2B is the hub for coaching resources for you as the short term missionary. 

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