#001: What is the Great Return?

In Episode 1 of the Great Return Podcast you will hear from 3 former World Racers and current members of the M2B Ministries team. You will learn more about who they are, what they do, what led them to M2B and finally, why they are so passionate about re-entry and helping short-term missionaries.

Here is a summary of the main takeaways from today’s episode:


What is The Great Return Podcast?

  • A guide for navigating life after The World Race or post short-term missions.
  • What is M2B?
    • M2B is a ministry designed to equip and empower returning missionaries during their transition home.
  • What do we do?
    • Provide resources for STM and their friends and family to all thrive during re-entry.
    • Supportive programs to equip not only the missionary, but their support team on how to receive their missionary well during return.
    • Partner with AIM and have plans to partner with other STM orgs and churches to help est. successful re-entry plans.


Why is M2B ministries starting this podcast?

  • We love podcasts and a great way to share content, interviews and guidance for those in re-entry.
  • What do we mean by re-entry? Many of you have gone on a short term missions trip for maybe a week or up to a year, like the World Race
  • On these trips, you experienced things that no one else understands that have changed you and yet you’re unsure how to implement it. It can be completely confusing and debilitating. You’ve experience a shift in who you are and how God sees you but the biggest question you have is what’s next? What steps do I take?
  • Returning home after serving abroad can feel lonely and overwhelming. Maybe you lack community or have community but in reality you’re not sure who to talk to and how to talk to them.
  • Perhaps you returned home 2 or more years ago and yet you’re still struggling and facing a new transition.
  • We are always facing transitions in life and I believe that God doesn’t want to take you out of it but redeem you in it.
  • Our heart is to provide that guidance and hope while your navigating re-entry. We want to journey together.


What can you expect as the listener?

  • Weekly episodes every Thursday
  • 3 of us on the M2B team
  • Mix of solo shows, interviews, etc.


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