What’s Happening?

Exciting things are on the horizon for M2B. I want to give you an inside look as to what we are working on.

First and foremost, I want to express the passion and excitement the M2B team has moving forward. We are here to serve a group of people who experience lack in a particular area. It’s one thing to be celebrated for going on your mission. There is usually a big send off, a farewell party, but what happens when it’s time to come back? Nothing really. There is no coming home celebration and we want to change that. We have a desire to not only work with returning short term missionaries, but to equip their loved ones to receive their missionary home.

The end of January, the M2B team, Me, Betsy, and Victoria, got together in person for a weekend of planning for the future of M2B. The 3 of us live in 3 different states, so this was our first time being together in person, and let me tell you, it was wonderful! We felt as though we had known each other for years! Each of us are completely different and yet we get along so well and work well as a team! It’s really refreshing and a sigh of relief when working in a business/ministry and you enjoy the people you work with. We want the best for the people we are serving, and this starts with the unity of the team. And we’ve got it! So rest assured, you will get the best services and resources possible!

The first being a PODCAST!!! We are super excited to launch. I have to give Betsy credit for presenting this idea to us during our business planning weekend. She has been thinking about starting a podcast for a couple years now, but it just wasn’t the right time. But now it is! The 3 of us are taking a course called “Power Up Podcasting” taught by the expert podcaster Pat Flynn. This is something none of us have done before, but we are learning, experimenting, recording, and excited for the launch of

The Great Return” podcast coming the end of March 2018!

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Another project we are working on is creating content and training videos for those of you who are the loved ones supporting your short term missionary while they are aboard and when they return home. We realize some of you have never been on a missions trip or out of the country, but have offered your support because you care about the one who is going. We want to equip you to be able to help them the best way possible!

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Along with our new and up coming projects, we are still engaged with short term missionaries – World Racers – who are currently on the field or who have just returned home in the previous months. Betsy, Victoria, and myself are working with 15-17 alumni World Racers (we call them Navigators) who are mentoring and supporting current World Racers. Our goal is to help the current racers transition back to the states well. We are learning as we go and have decided to revamp this Navigator Mentorship, so that is in the works as well!

There you have it! Some of the many exciting projects we are working on to better equip and serve this population. Speaking for myself, working with M2B has fueled a passion of mine that has been hidden. I have been searching for that thing that makes me come alive and this is it! Well I should say, this is a big portion of it.

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God is on the move!


(M2B Team – Nikki, Betsy, Victoria first time together in person!)

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